Why Seek Advice of Best immigration Consultant Chandigarh for Pursuing Higher Education in Canada?

immigration consultant
immigration consultant

Especially when an applicant intends to study, work in the country, with the objective of attaining permanent residence. However, with genuine support and advice of trusted, Study visa consultant for Canada any apprehensions can be avoided.
Source: Why Seek Advice of Best immigration Consultant Chandigarh for Pursuing Higher Education in Canada?



Best immigration Visa Consultant Assures Visa Approval

Every year the number of foreign students taking admissions in Canadian Universities increase. Students prefer to pursue higher education here since the Universities in Canada are high-ranked.

The factors which have helped with this growing trend are:

  • A very low Tuition fees along with affordable living expenses
  • Host of opportunities to work, and earn to cover expenses
  • Canada is a multi-cultural society so students get unique experiences
  • Student Visas are granted in most of the cases

According to High Commission guideline the requirements to meet by international students are following:

English Proficiency:

Taking of English Language Proficiency exam is necessary. Information regarding how and where the tests are run can be obtained from the respective University.

Student Permits:

After receiving Permit foreign students are allowed to stay and study till completion of their study period. However, there are students who are not required to get a permit. For exact information the concerned Visa office is the best place. Alternatively, you can get advice from a specialist study visa consultant for Canada.

Immigration Consultant Chandigarh
Immigration Consultant Chandigarh

The documentation requirements to Apply student permit are the following:

  • Letter of Acceptance (LOC) from accredited college/university
  • Valid Passport which includes you and any family member who will be travelling
  • Supporting documents to prove you have the funds to cover expenses like bank account details in Canada, bank statements, receipts of paid tuition fees, etc.
  • Letter of Explanation – This document is submitted for receiving permission to work along with your studies

But, it is important to get guidance from expert immigration visa consultant, because Application should be submitted well in advance before your course starts.

Temporary Resident Visa:

Most of the foreign students are commonly required to submit Temporary Resident Visa application. This is a requirement that includes a small application fee which students need to pay.

To conclude, before putting in a petition for study visa you should discuss the case with best immigration Consultant Chandigarh, to know about the various loopholes.